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Who We Are
To achieve our goals we have been relying on our top management experience in utilities and Information Technology. Our American partners bring a cumulative of 80 years of experience in the utility market from companies such as Duke Energy, TVA, Atlanta Gas Light Company, and Enron. Our South African office brings 40 years of cumulative experience in systems, design, operations, Information Technology, telecommunications and Service Orientated Architectures for enterprises ranging from international companies such as Lucent, ADC, Deutsche Telecom, SAP, Syspro and Ericsson. The vast experience of over 120 years in our top management combined with over 15,000 man-hours of development brings us the expertise and experience to provide our customer with best international practice.
While we enable vending in 219 countries; to support such operation our organization is built with internal sales representatives and also a reseller channel. Our newest addition in 2010 is the Australian operation in Queensland. That said, we also have representative offices in many other countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Ghana, Cyprus, and a growing channel of resellers. Above all, we have been honoured to service wonderful clients that gave us feedback and continually keep us abreast of technologies and service by requesting new functionality and services. Without input from our customers many ideas would not have been conceived and implemented. We hope that as a customer you will also give us your feedback and comments enabling us to better service you. After all, we believe that life is not a destination but a process of continuous progress.
Associations and Affiliations
To ensure top quality development, customers service and industry standards, Enbaya Prepaid Meters CC holds various associations, memberships and affiliations. Our partners range from private companies and Parastatals in South Africa as well as international recognized partners. For more information on our partners and associations please contact Prepaid Meters directly.
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Our Prepayment Solutions
Prepayment Solutions for the Sub-Meter Market
Enbaya Prepaid Meters CC is the leading supplier of privately owned, privately managed prepaid sub-metering systems and services. Our prepayment system enables management and vending to prepaid sub-meters in over 219 countries and over 700 mobile networks. As such the company is geared towards providing a 24/7/ 365 service with optimal service levels. Our sub-metering metering solution includes electricity, water and gas and it is ideal for use within a wide range of real estate including: residential (buy-to-let) properties, granny flats, multiple tenant dwellings, body corporates, retail and office parks, property developments, staff accommodation, hospitality accommodation, rental estate agents and sports facilities.
Prepayment Solutions for Utility Companies and IPP’s
Enbaya Prepaid Meters offers utility companies and IPP’s, manufacturer agnostic cost effective prepayment platform for electricity, water and gas. Our prepayment platform offers prepayment and post payment solutions for STS and AMI/AMR Smart Metering technology. Our utility prepayment customers include Independent Power Producers, utility companies, alternative utility producers, etc.
A utility consumption efficient world. Enabling every utility consumer to measure, manage and control their consumption of utilities for their financial benefit and the benefit of the planet as a whole.
Long Term Strategic Objectives
Apply our technological capabilities in innovative products and services to deliver prepayment and post paid utility management services that make a difference both to our customers and end-user consumers.
Our Values
Mastery - to develop, lead and continuously improve our offerings, benefits and value to our customers.
Contribution – to share our mastery, knowledge, innovations and meaning, in such a way that we are continuously providing real value and making a real difference, in the lives of people as well as our industry.
Significance – to extend our mastery, meaning and contribution to impact positively on the lives of employees, friends as well as community and hopefully contribute significantly to improved utility management for the benefit of the planets resources.
To achieve our goals we are relying on our top management experience in utilities and Information Technology. The vast experience of over 120 years in our top management combined with over 15,000 man-hours of development brings us the expertise and experience to provide our customer with best international practice.
In 2011 and 2012 Enbaya Prepaid Meters was awarded
Technology Top 100 - TT100 Qualifier.
TT100 is a division of the Da Vinci Institute which established the Technology Top 100 awards (TT100), South Africa’s premier annual business awards programme. TT100 was its 20th year in 2011, and is the programme which lauds South African companies for their technological prowess is proudly endorsed by the Department of Science and Technology (DST).
Technologically, the future as we see it holds great things in store for customers, consumers and utility managers. With the introduction of Smart Metering and mobile commerce, just as an example; we see consumers being able to purchase electricity more easily and cost effectively. We will see the end of manually entered tokens as we know them as Automatic Token Transfer to the meter becomes a reality. We also see far more control over electricity usage with technologies such as relay control units and similar devices that will enable consumers to switch-off selected appliance circuits such as geysers, stoves and pool pumps from remote.
Utility managers will have in-depth and extended analytical reporting into consumer usage behaviour, demand and overloads to manage utilities far more effectively. This will enable reduction in usage, DSM charges and overall reduction in bills, while more and more managing functionalities will also become seamless.
All of the above are not a prediction into the future; these are technologies that our company is currently working to make available, at affordable cost, to the sub-meter market users and managers. While utility companies have deep pockets or borrow from government pockets, to do smart metering projects and implement advanced technologies, we are working on bringing the same great and advanced technologies to our sub-meter market customers.