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  • Utilities Prepayment Assisting with Overcrowding

    Illegal overcrowding in rented properties can become a huge problem for Landlords. As the number of occupants in a rented property increases, so will the utilities bill while infrastructure cannot withstand the overload and dilapidation generally starts to occur. Beyond the grave effect of property depreciation in these cases, there are many other problems to take into consideration.

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  • Confusion regarding utility billing within a sectional title

    In reference to the article ‘Sectional title owners' water, power rip-off’, It is true that sectional title owners are on the short end of the stick and do not receive what they are paying for. In some cases they will be charged a percentage of the utilities consumed by the scheme as a whole. As a scheme has one bulk supply also know as the primary supply, registered to the Scheme as a whole, it is up to the Body Corporate to correctly allocate the correct usage to each unit.

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  • The legalities behind disconnection of utilities

    Many trustees and managing agents take the action of disconnecting services when scheme members do not pay their levies. Using disconnection as a means to force payment for non-payment of levy is very contentious issue.

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  • The Importance of Rezoning to Your Utility Tariffs
    Many buildings in and around South Africa and especially in Johannesburg city centre have been converted into modern apartment. The conversion from old warehouses, office blocks and factories has become a very prestigious and sought after investment. The move to modernize and refurbish the city centres and once derelict areas does however have its ups and downs.
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  • Financial Implications of Primary and Sub-Metering
    Utility bills are notorious for not being understood. As discussed in the introduction to this book, people generally think that utility billing is simply a case of a calculation based on a difference between a previous and current meter reading.
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  • What can a a landlord do if the tenant doesn't pay rent
    According to Sharrock (2007) a hypothec is a type of security which one person acquires over another’s property in the event that the latter becomes indebted to them. In the event the lessee falls into areas with his rental payment, the lessor of the immovable property acquires, a hypothec over movable property belonging to the lessee, which is present on the leased premises.
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  • What are the Duties of a Landlord
    When a land lord chooses to rent a property he must comply with a few regulations and standards. The dwelling must be fit for human habitation; meaning it must measure up to health and safety regulations. There must be accessible utilities like running water and electricity.
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  • The Duties and Functions of a Body Corporate
    When a body corporate is established there are a few things that they need to put in place in order to run a successful sectional title scheme. The first thing a newly formed body corporate will have to do is establish a fund to cover all repair and maintenance costs, insurance premiums and management and administration fees. This fund must include reasonable provisions for future maintenance and repairs.
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  • Refurbishment and how to go about it
    When refurbishing a dwelling it can be a very tricky and problematic situation for both the tenant and the landlord. A landlord may request a tenant to vacate the dwelling if any repairs, conversions or refurbishments are necessary and cannot be done properly while the tenant remains in occupation. A landlord may also cancel the lease if need be in order to carry out the refurbishments, however this wouldn’t be advisable because landlord would then need to re-advertise the property and start the tenant application process again.
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  • Municipal Services
    When leasing a property there are a few thing a landlord must do in accordance with the Law. A land lord who is obliged by law or in terms expressed or implied terms of the lease provide utilities such as water, electricity or gas services to a tenant. He must provide these services and not cause a non-supply for any reason while the tenant resides in the dwelling.
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  • Eviction
    Sometimes a land lord is put in a difficult situation where he has a tenant which can become problematic and the relationship has broken down and unfortunately the landlord does not see any other option other than eviction. When this happens there are a few things a land lord will have to take into account.
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  • Duties and Responsibilities of an Owner
    The sectional title Act is not intended to impose onerous and restrictive conditions on owners and it is not necessary to do so. Most owners respect the wishes and privacy of others, keep their sections and exclusive use areas in good condition and generally act in a considerate manner.
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  • Does your complex have a manging agent?
    Most sectional owners believe that a managing agent’s function is to send out statements and collect any levies that are to be collected or are outstanding. This is the core function without a doubt and is their main responsibility, but a competent agent will do a lot more for the body corporate.
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  • Can you vote at an AGM?
    When you live in a sectional title scheme there is a voting process that takes place at Annual General Meetings, special meeting and general meetings. Most tenants or owners choose not to attend, but if they do the process is as follows; Management rule 60 deals with voting procedures at a general meeting.
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  • Can a developer make additions to your Scheme?
    When buying a sectional title unit, there are a few things to take into account. One of them is a development right that a developer may have to further extend a scheme. A developer does have the right to extend and build onto or add new sections onto the sectional scheme within a stated period if he has reserved the right to do so in the initial agreement with the body corporate. The extensions might comprise construction of additional buildings or horizontal or vertical extensions of the existing buildings.
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