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  • Aurora System explained in detail
    Aurora is a prepayment platform for Power, Water and Gas utilities that is meter manufacturer independent, allowing the utility to provide prepayment service to consumers using any combination of STS and AMI meters with integrated disconnect functionality from all major manufacturers.
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  • What is self managed?
    Self Management is for the Landlord or Property Manager who does not mind being hands-on and available to service tenants and meter tasks. Self Management carries a monthly FIXED service fee per meter, per month and allows the landlord UNLIMITED access to perform these tasks via the Internet, anywhere any time (24/7/365). The monthly service fee is charged to the landlord or property manager, while the Meter User Account deducts the service fee automatically on the first purchase. Landlords and Property Managers can choose to remove the repayment of the fee and subsidize the service fee.
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  • What is Outsourced Managed?
    Outsourced Management of prepaid meters is the first choice for landlords and property managers who do not want to be hands-on in the revenue collection management process. With outsourced Managed method all user support is provided by
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  • Vending Introduction
    All meter models in our range comprise of both the metering and vending components required in order to provide a complete solution. The vending solution is managed via means of a prepaid utility management system. The system requires that all meters in the field are registered with the utility management system. During registration a meter is defined with a set of properties, including details of the owner, the current tenant and financial parameters for revenue management.
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