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Offering for Real Estate Letting Agents and Facility Managing Agents:
  • Meters and vending can be managed by letting estate agents
  • PrePaid Utility Software for Management and Token Vending to Unlimited Meters and Unlimited Tokens
  • Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties
Our solution is ideal for estate agents who are managing rental properties on behalf of their clients. Using our solutions, estate agents can reduce overhead costs associated with executing their rental management mandates and improve their profitability.
Use of our prepaid meters and metering system ensures that 100% of revenues for utilities is collected 100% of the time. Prepayment for utilities by tenants results in a significant reduction in the administrative overhead associated with account reconciliation and billing. Since the utility is prepaid meters it means there also no need to take additional deposit from tenants in order to protect against non-payment.
The use of prepaid meters and prepaid metering systems by estate agents in not far removed from the situations and challenges faced by buy-to-let property investors . With the exception that the estate agent is managing the property on behalf of the landlord. As a result factors such as risk and cashflow management are desirable services for customers.
Estate Agents may charge a utilities collection management fee to clients if desired. Since the prepaid meter system is privately owned and privately managed, the prepaid meters may sold outright to clients or installed simply for the duration of the mandate. Prepaid meters can be relocated as required for use in a new property whenever required.