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Real-estate is still one of the leading asset classes the world over. However, together with management of real estate there is also risk involved. In a situation where an investor has let a property there are two main risks to manage:
  • Risk of late or non-payment of rent.
  • Risk of late or non-payment for utilities consumed.
In the even that either or both of these risks should materialize, the landlord remains liable for making timely payment of the mortgage commitment and the utility bill.
Use of prepaid meters and prepaid metering is an ideal method by which buy-to-let investors can eliminate the risk of late or non-payment for utilities consumed, therefore reducing or eliminating a significant portion of the risk associated with their investment.
Our prepaid metering solutions can be installed in any residential property. Installed as a secondary, or sub-meter, to the primary meter supplied by the municipality or power authority, our prepaid meter is privately owned and privately managed by the investor landlord or an appointed rental estate agent.
Installed as a secondary meter inside the dwelling, typically at the mains distribution board, our prepaid meters meter and govern the flow of electricity to the lights and plug circuits within the dwelling and therefore in no way interfere with or impair the operation of the primary meter which is the property of the municipality or power authority.
Since the prepaid meter is privately owned by the investor landlord and is easily removed from the property if desired, the device is considered a movable item on sale and can be relocated for use in another of the investors rental properties if required.
The most common meter purchased by residential buy-to-let investors is the PPL23GT