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Cancellation Policy

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When you are first onboarded with Enbaya we don't make you sign a contract because we don't believe in restricting our customers.  Since we don't lock you into a contract, we have this cancellation policy in place for both of our protection.

We are confident that our services will meet our agreed standard and should we not meet this standard, you have every right to leave the service.

We only request that you give our team the chance to rectify any inadequacies. In the event that you do leave our services, but wish to return, we'll welcome you with open arms. This is the benefit of not having a contract

What you Need to Know

Will I be Charged a Fee?


There will be a fixed cancellation fee per meter.

Although we do not contract you to our services at the time of onboarding, by joining our company you have agreed to our T&C's stating that there will be a cancellation fee for tokens generated.

What is a KCT?
A KCT is short for a Key Change Token. When moving between services providers there are 4 Key Change Tokens.

2 Tokens are supplied by your old vendor resulting in the removal of old SGC code. (ie. Default & unable to vend on any system)

The other 2 tokens are supplied by your new vendor applying the new SGC to the meter. Your meter can now vend on the new vendors system
Cancellation T&C's [ 17.1 - 17.4 ]

17.1 We will not key change any meters that have NOT been registered and vending on our vending system for at least 1 (one) month.

17.2 We reserve the right to charge a fee for KCT tokens.

17.3 We do not sell any prepaid meters for any purpose other than for the purpose of vending utilities on our vending system.

17.4 Purchases made for purposes of vending on any other system are considered fraudulent purchases and will not be refunded and the meters will not be key-changed.

Integrity means we are Accountable, We take ownership and
We are Transparent with you


As part of our mission to standardise and simplify this industry we have to operate by values that serve the cause. Integrity is at one of those core pillar values encompassing Accountability, Ownership and Transparency.

These are the values we live by and it's no different at any point of your customer journey, from onboarding to cancellation.

Request to KCT Out
Please fill the required field.
Please fill the required field.
I Acknowledge ...

That by filling in the form and requesting for a KCT out,
I have read through and understood all the information presented on this page.

I hereby also acknowledge the following ...


There is a cancellation fee

I understand that I will be charged a fixed fee per meter key changed out of the Enbaya SGC

The aurora Training

I understand why the Aurora training needs to be completed, however I would still like to request that my meters be moved.

Opportunity for correction

I have provided Enbaya the opportunity to correct any inadequacies expressed and would like to change vendors.