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Credit & Debit Card

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This channel can only be used with logins to our vending management system. All meters hosted with us have access to our system.

This channel makes use of our Merchant Gateway with ABSA to authorise or decline transactions.
Authorised transactions are immediately processed and may be used to generate a Credit Token immediately and inline to the transaction
or to perform a “Wallet Fund” so that Credit Tokens can be generated from the meter account wallet at a later time.

Requirements for using the online channel:

  • Internet connection
  • Web Browser
  • Credit Card or chipped debit card

Steps to follow when using the online channel:

  1. Go to http://www.prepaidmeters.net
  2. Login
    1. Reset password if prompted
    2. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Click the Account button
  4. Click the Set Default button, when prompted to “Set my default accounts viewing page”

  5. Click the Vend button
  6. Click the Credit button

  7. Select the meter for which you would like to vend
  8. Enter the transaction value in the Amount field

  9. Click the Vend button
  10. Confirm the transaction

  11. Complete the Card details
  12. Click the Pay button

  13. Wait to receive One Time Pin
  14. Enter the OTP and click Submit

Once processed you will be returned the meter screen.
On the right-hand side of screen you can enter your cell number and click Send to receive the credit token by SMS.
Alternately you can click the Overview tab to list and view the history of all the transactions you have processed together with their receipts.

If you need assistance please contact our helpdesk or send an email our support team.
>> Contact details can be found on the contacts page