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How Fees Work

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All sub-metering service providers rely on various channels to provide purchase points to generate prepaid tokens.

The various purchase point channels such as; shops, merchant credit card services, garages etc., all charge a fee to provide the point of sale service.

Our system identifies the channel you are using and provides you with various fees according to the purchase channel.

Our channel fees are some of the most affordable and competitive fees in the market.

If you are using our system and want to know the various channel fees per point of purchase contact our technical support team by phone or email.

If you want to make use of one of the most popular features called Autotility to purchase and receive every month your tokens automatically contact us to learn more or click Verify.

Note to self: explain how fees work in general as to the division of fees / channel / tariff / vat. Then link to another article that has screen capture of tokens with 10% and 7.5%, which will be called : How to calculate your fees.

Mention how they get the Kwh once taken off fees, VAT, arrears, fix charges. 

You are paying for the utility, the infrastructure, etc (DSM, etc) which needs to be explained.

SA still has the cheapest utility in the world (do the research to date) as to 2020.

Create international fees case study (add to Asana)