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Z-Card Marketing Too

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Initially, Enbaya Prepaid Meters selected a credit card-sized Z-CARD® to provide its consumers with useful tips on how to use its online and mobi services to purchase their water and electricity vouchers from the company.

The card formed part of a trial project that informed the company’s end-users of prepaid electricity and water meters, how to purchase electricity and water vouchers from retail outlets, online or via the mobi site, and how to manage their meter.

"We found the Z-CARD® extremely effective in conveying our message to new and existing clients, and thus decided to utilise the card for our main project roll-out as well,” confirms Ryan Rudman from Enbaya Prepaid Meters’ marketing department.

"A small but effective instruction manual was needed to educate the market on how certain processes worked, and the Z-CARD® effectively served this purpose,” he adds.

Once Enbaya’s clients were familiar with the processes explained in the Z-CARD®, they were able to transact with confidence, using multiple purchase channels.

"The educational value provided inside the card was beneficial and extremely valuable as it enabled market research and provided us with constant feedback so that we could refine certain processes within our organisation. After all, knowledge is power and in our industry, power is our end game,” says Rudman.

The new Z-CARD® has been updated and refined - thanks to feedback from clients and employees - to ensure that clients can continue to follow the easy instructions on the card or call the company for assistance.

"Every order that leaves our distribution centre is accompanied by the Z-CARD®. We also give the cards to body corporates which use our system, so that new tenants always have an instruction manual on how to use their meter,” says Rudman.

Enbaya recently launched a new website and is also soon to launch other new projects and systems to make its clients’ experience easier and more rewarding. "These will be industry firsts, so watch this space,” Rudman concludes.