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Eskom Annual Price Increase

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With Eskom’s announcement of a 16% year on year increase, Utilities will become one of South Africa’s most expensive and valuable commodities.

This will inevitably affect the consumer in more than just one area. With the cost of living rising at such an alarming rate and utilities being a need and not necessarily a luxury which can be scaled back, it falls to utility providers to create new ways of saving costs for the consumer. Though consumers have various options to save on energy, such as using more energy efficient appliances, these cost money to replace. Service providers within the utilities market will have to re-evaluate their services and structures. The aim would be to provide the consumer with the best service at an affordable rate, which does not compromise quality, service or down time.

Prepaid Meters.co.za has done just that: On the 16th of January Prepaid Meters.co.za launched its new online shopping cart. The cart allows new and existing customers to purchase meters, service and maintenance contracts and installations at the click of a button at the customer’s convenience. Adding these new features to the existing services provided by Prepaid Meters.co.za, consumers can be assured of exceptional service. In the struggle to save, Prepaid Meters.co.za has also maintained the same service fees for the past 5 years. “We believe that the only way to keep services fees low, or to reduce them, is with the development and adaptation of new technologies. Technologies enable efficiencies which translate into cost savings, such cost savings we pass to the consumer wherever we can”, says Sean Wheller CEO PrepaidMeters.co.za.

In the constant effort to improve, Prepaid Meters.co.za is researching new and more cost effective vending methods. This will reduce the vending costs for utilities and will significantly reduce the costs incurred by the consumer.