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eCindi Program

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PrepaidMeters.co.za is proud to sponsor the eCindi-program. We believe that ECD-centre(s) is a sustainable small private enterprise owned by black women which are creating positive change in early childhood development. eCindi-programs and the owners, manager/principal, teachers/assistants and learners are all members of the designated groups applicable to the BEE-codes, namely the coloured and black groups.

The aim of the program is to encourage existing economic enterprises to support, through monetary or non-monetary contributions, the attainable and sustainable development of new small enterprises of blacks (including coloureds); and to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic situations of the black (including coloured) communities.

The eCindi program is delivered at daycare groups, creches or pre-primary schools (respectively) privately owned by black women (including coloured & indian women) for black preschoolers (including coloured and indian preschoolers). These groups/crèches or pre-primary schools are registered at the Department of Social Development or are in the process to apply for registration.

Enbaya Prepaid Meters (Pty) Ltd has chosen to allocate its full contribution to the program to Jack & Jill Kleuterskool, Landsbergstraat 28, Alabama, 2571 Klerksdorp. The learners as beneficiaries of the contribution are all members of the designated groups according to the BBBEE regulations. The eCindi-program was developed and tested through research and in practice and proved to increase the school productivity, namely to increase the achievement of learners and simultaneously decrease the cost of these education.

The program particularly supported in the shortage of qualified personnel to provide the Grade R education. Through the eCindi-program the lessons are provided on DVD-basis and the practical work is provided in paper-based workbooks. The teachers use these lessons to teach the learners. Therefore, the eCindi-program forms the backbone of the operation of the private pre-primary school or daycare group and serves the aim to increase the productivity of the teaching of the Grade R-program at the particular school.

To use a metaphor: when an electrical sewing machine is donated to a small enterprise making childrens' clothes that previously used hand sewing, the electrical machine will increase the quality and productivity of that small enterprise - it will contribute to the development of that small enterprise. Similarly, the eCindi-program serves as central ‘instrument’ in ensuring quality and productivity of education at the particular private pre-primary school and provided in the need for quality and qualified teachers.

The program is delivered per private pre-primary school or daycare group. The program provides 4 lessons per day, 5 days a week and 32 weeks per year. The private pre-primary school teacher or daycarer provides the minimum facilities, such as a TV and DVD-player, and Education Expert provides the program and take responsibility for the required quality assurance. The school receives a lesson-by-lesson teacher’s guide, lesson DBD’s per week, as well as story DBD’s and song DBD’s as well as worksheets for the learners.

The only truly foreseeable way to move South Africa forward into the future and ensure that it can compete in a globalised market, is to ensure that the early education of our children is provided in an efficient and effective manner that is sustainable and has far reaching positive impact on society. By investing in our youth we are investing in our future and a sustainable future for our country and all South Africans. - Sean Wheller CEO of Enbaya Prepaid Meters (Pty) Ltd.

In conclusion, we hope that this will create a positive change in early childhood development within the previously disadvantaged areas and empower the ECD-Centres to further their great work.