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Level 2 B-BBEE Rating

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Enbaya Prepaid Meters trading as PrepaidMeters.co.za, a leading sub-metering company providing its’ services in South Africa and exporting its’ services internationally, has achieved in 2014 B-BBEE Rating Level 2. 

PrepaidMeters.co.za is committed to transformation and empowerment. Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) has been a central part of the company’s economic transformation strategy for a number of years and will continue to improve and expand in the future.The company’s view to the development of society through socio-economic development contributions and social up lifting initiatives, has led to being awarded a Level 2 B-BBEE rating. The company believes that this status is a significant milestone in progress made towards empowerment and our rating means that our customers are able to claim their spend with us, as Preferential Procurement spend.

Empowerment and development remains a high priority for Enbaya Prepaid Meters (Pty) Ltd. Enbaya Prepaid Meters (Pty) Ltd plans to continue pursuing and enhancing all aspects of empowerment, with new internship programs as well as continuous enterprise development. PrepaidMeters.co.za prides itself in being on the forefront of the sub-metering industry in their B-BBEE rating and continues to strive for transformation in the sub-metering industry. On the social investment front, PrepaidMeters.co.za contributed to early childhood development through ECD-centre(s) which support a sustainable small private enterprise owned by black women which are creating a positive change in early childhood development. The eCindi-program was developed and tested through research and in practise and proved to increase the school productivity, namely to increase the achievement of learners and simultaneously decrease the cost of these education. 

The only truly foreseeable way to move South Africa forward into the future and ensure that it can compete in a globalized market, is to ensure that the early education of our children is provided in an efficient and effective manner, that is sustainable and has far reaching positive impact on society. By investing in our youth we are investing in our future and a sustainable future for our country and all South Africans. – Sean Wheller CEO of Enbaya Prepaid Meters.  

PrepaidMeters.co.za continued efforts and progress will extend into other areas of the business and B-BBEE development. 

The next area of development focuses on small businesses development with particular emphasis in the reseller community and small enterprise development. Through its’ new ISO initiative PrepaidMeters.co.za is planning to standardise its’ enterprise development programs to enable both the receivers of these programs and PrepaidMeters.co.za to expand the programs as well as better measure results and achievements.  Continuing and enhancing these programs is a logical step for PrepaidMeters.co.za enterprise development initiatives 

"At PrepaidMeters.co.za, we are proud and view the achievement of B-BBEE Rating Level 2 as being beneficial for both our business eco-system as well as the economic growth of our industry and upliftment of previously disadvantaged people.” -Says Sean Wheller CEO of Enbaya Prepaid Meters.

PrepaidMeters.co.za also recognises that one of the biggest problems facing South Africa at the moment is youth unemployment and in that regard going forward PrepaidMeters.co.za is planning to launch new Internship programs in the coming year to enable young South Africans to get further experience and have a better chance of integration into the market place.