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Future Proofing Prepaid Meter Investments

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Unified Prepaid Utility Management to Manage Current Investment While Moving to Smart Metering.
Enbaya Prepaid Meters, a Tier One Prepaid Utilities and Prepayment Business Process (PBP) Service Provider, is introducing Unified Prepaid Utility Management at Utility Week 2012.
Enbaya Prepaid Meters specialises in the provision of prepaid utility vending for electricity, water and gas. Enbaya has developed software systems that enable utilities to prepay both STS and AMI/AMR smart meters on one Unified Platform encompassing all three utilities, electricity, water and gas. For utility companies and municipalities this means, for the first time, that they can keep their current investment while moving toward smart metering.
Sean Wheller CEO of Enbaya says: “South Africa and Africa in general has a large investment in STS metering equipment, which is its’ great prepaid asset. However, with technology moving forward and the need for far more extensive management and control, Smart Metering has emerged, but utility companies and municipalities need to conserve their investment while moving forward. Our foresight of this situation has been one of our primary focuses when developing a unified prepayment system."
Though Smart Metering has become the obvious future for prepaid, many utility companies and municipalities are in great dilemma as to the management of current asset base of STS meters while moving towards Smart Metering, in addition to the financial constraints and limitation to the speed at which smart metering can be deployed. Enabling a unified prepayment system affords the utility company to preserve existing investments while moving forward at an affordable pace.
To solve the problem and future proof prepaid vending systems for utility companies and municipalities, Enbaya is offering the following options in addition to full cycle prepaid management: 
  • Preserving Investment - Migration of STS historical meters to one platform enabling the continuity of STS meters and change to Smart Prepayment metering and Smart Metering on one management platform and consumer account while keeping any historical data.
  • Unified Prepayment - Enabling water, electricity and gas both STS and Smart meters on one platform.
  • Purchasing Freedom of Choice - Manufacturer agnostic with 3rd party System Integration means that the utility company or municipality has freedom of choice to purchase from a variety of leading meter manufacturers, and manage all the various meters on one system. 
Consumer Support Centric: 
  • Web-based Consumer Login
  • System available in 250 languages
  • Consumer IVR enabled system for account management
  • WAP and SMS enabled 
To make sure that a utility company or municipality has full control over their prepaid and smart metering offering the system also provides modules such as: Arrears collection, Tariff and Rate Administration, Point of Sale Gateways, Financial Management and Accounting, SMS, WAP and IVR communications, Life Records System, Vendor Management and so much more.
To help small municipalities Enbaya Prepaid Meters also offers Prepaid Vending Hosted Solutions which will alleviate any investment in prepaid vending hardware and Arrears Collections to significantly improve your municipal cash flow and reduce deficit.
If you would like to learn more about our products and services contact us: 087 5500 870.