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Tamper Reset Token

A tamper reset token clears the tamper condition on meters that are in 'tamper mode'. The method to trigger the tamper is meter manufacturer specific but will always disconnect supply. To restore supply the reason for the tamper must be resolved and then the tamper condition must be cleared using a tamper reset token.


The price or rate of the utility charged by the utility supplier related to an applicable unit of measurement

Tariff Index

If the meter Exists on the Meter Database, then that information must be used. If the meter does not exist on the Database, the information supplied via the Meter Card or Manual Entry may be used.

Tariff Instance

An Eskom specific definition. This is simply a code that is linked to every tariff to identify certain conditions for the tariff e.g. include FBE, or recover debt etc

Test Token

A test token is a credit token. A test token may or may not have a credit value and is used for the purpose of checking whether a meter will accept tokens from a vendor using a specified Supplier Group Code

Token Carrier

A Token is only the data package that is created by the Vending system and subsequently inserted into the meter to transfer information to the meter. It does not necessarily define the physical media of the token. The physical media of the Token is defined by the Token Carrier. This is specifically relevant for STS since the Vending Server may create the same STS token for any STS meter and send it to the Client. The Client may then be locally configurable to support some, or all Token Carriers without having to communicate this with the Vending Server. Currently all tokens are stored on physical media, (i.e. numeric printed string, or disposable magnetic card). These are therefore defined as the Token Carrier. Virtual Tokens are under consideration as well but have not been implemented in meters yet. Virtual Tokens will not have a physical Token Carrier as they may be transferred via radio, power line communication or other means. See Mag Card and Token

Token Technology

A two-digit code defined by STS. There are codes for the various tokens used by STS as well as for the tokens used by proprietary meters. The combination of Token Technology and Algorithm Type, define the Meter Type