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Update Meter Key

Update Meter Key is a new and simplified Key Change process. The Update Meter Key action is initiated by the Operator e.g. by selecting the appropriate button on the Client. The operator must then provide the “From” information from the Meter Card or sometimes via manual entry from an old token. This will create the normal Key Change tokens and encode the Meter Card. The only difference being that the meter information is always changed to become the same as the data in the Meter Database. This function therefore does not introduce any data risk and may be enabled for any operators. The operator may also retry this function multiple times with different “From” information until successful and the end result will always be the same as the data on the Meter Database. See Auto Key Change, Key Change Token, Engineering Key Change Token, Vendor Roles, Meter Database and Meter Card


Collective term for a service that is used by the public, such as an electricity, water or gas supplied by a local authority or utility distributor.

Utility Certificate

This certificate is generated on the Online Vending CA for every Utility that implements and XMLVend compliant Online Vending System. The server certificate identifies the specific Utility together with an EAN number. It ensures that all communication with the Vending Server is secured via TLS and this certificate. The Certificate does not directly identify the Vending Server hardware but the Utility. Since the Server Certificate is stored on separate hardware security module (HSM), the server certificate may be moved to another Server in case of a server failure for instance. See Vendor Certificate