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In need of a Prepaid Metering solution?

Our goal is to help create a plan to achieve your goals!

What do you want to achieve with your utilities and what is your end goal in mind?

No matter who you are, if you are a property manager or property owner, and have post or prepaid meters installed, you have a goal and an outcome, or an intent in mind, through which you envision your success in management of utilities.

At a minimum most landlords want to collect correctly and accurately so they can pay their bulk supply. In larger environments, you need a full regulatory compliance management solution to manage over and above the base functionality of vending and bulk supply payment. With bulk metering solutions as well as other Prepaid Utilities Solutions we can help you achieve fluid and easy meter management.


Management Functionality Beyond Vending

Solutions for you & how you can benefit from us

If you are a landlord with a single meter, letting agent, a managing agent with many buildings, or a corporate with small or large staff housing environments we have tailored prepayment management solutions combined with services to suit your needs.

Your funds paid in time
Accuracy of accounting to make sure you collected everything
Reporting to control and delegate everything else wisely

There are tons of Functionalities you can benefit from Prepaid Meters. Just click the link to see what we can offer you.

Comprehensive Prepaid Submeter Solutions

Our submeter solutions are based on your requirements and combine both systems as well as services that enable you to have A to Z services for various prepayment utility functions or roles.
We can assist you with the 5 functional prepaid management areas so that you can focus on our business:
Maintenance plans
Site and system rehabilitation plans
Combined systems and inspection services
Combined system and audit services for rehabilitations
System and management functionality role based training
In summary, this all means that we can work with you to understand what you wish to achieve and what your most wanted outcomes are; from selection of meters to the day-to-day support and management of our site.

 We can suggest various solutions and work with you to ensure you are successful and can sustainably and consistently deliver on your prepaid management goals together with your team.

To find out more about how we can assist you in your specific field

Use Cases for Prepaid Submeters


with Cottages

From billing arguments on how to divide the main supply consumption or if the meter readings are accurate our landlord tenants now can budget accurately and see their data transparently, while our landlords just get paid in time every month consistently without having to support or answer any questions.


Body Corporates Paying Their Bulk Supply

Our clients in body corporates now rely on our consistent reporting to save time and produce quick and easy bulk supply reconciliations while having minimal management headaches and satisfied customers, and with that, the benefit of reduced to no-arrears and quick alerts on any probable tampers.


Staff Utility Management Made Easy

Our staff housing managers love to know that staff are in control of their utility consumption while reducing waste and providing packages for subsidized and unsubsidized utilities with minimal to no support to the end-user, because we take care of all of that. Their financial management team loves their decision to use our system because it saves the company money while they can still be in control of their financial decisions.