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Are you a Property Developer ?

From quality to price, support and reputation are all very important for recurring business and peace of mind when a property development is finished. We provide our developers quality, best metering system and support throughout the property development phases.

We understand that choosing a metering solution for a property developer is choosing a long term relationship for a Body Corporate that is to be formed and therefore it is important for the future Body Corporate to be happy with the developers decisions.


Key points Property Developers Enjoy

Features that Developers enjoy at no extra cost to them
for the benefit of future body corporates and managing agents
  • Site visits to assist in choosing the best solution to the infrastructure developed
  • Installing or assisting in training electricians and plumber to install the equipment correctly
  • Assistance in testing to ensure the meters are working when occupation is provided
  • Maintenance plans and warranty service at no cost to the developer

Our smart metering solutions enable our developers to focus on what is important while we take the management system function of the prepaid meters and transfer the funds consistently to the developer to pay the bulk supply in time. Inform us of what current challenges you are trying to solve, to see how we can assist you. Want to know how to get a prepaid meter for a developer? Give us a call

Property Developers favourites and why they chose us

From our customers feedback these are some key reasons mentioned by our developers for their reason behind choosing our prepaid electricity and water metering solutions.

Assistance and support with the metering installation and management of meters throughout the development phase.

Installation assistance in any technical issues and training and plumbers to install.

100% Support 7 days a week to the meter users.

Overall quality to price in CAPEX and OPEX in terms of meters to service considerations

Assisting them transferring the services and training to the Body Corporate when it is formed.

Cost of services and extensive channel purchasing options for the users to choose from.

Long terms sustainability we can provide the body corporate.

Transparency throughout the platform as well as process including the hand over to the Body Corporate.