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Are you a Housing Agent ?

As electricity and water prices frequently increase, it has become a main focus to control budgets, spending on utility bills, wastage and control recoveries. That said, keeping the utility user happy and in control of their consumption is a primary focus to achieving the right balance.

Our prepaid meters solutions for housing managers are tailored to meet both interests of the employer and the employee with various management system options to achieve a balanced win-win situation.


Key Points Housing Agents Enjoy

Housing Management customers use on daily basis to always strive in keeping the balance
in an ever-changing in the world of prepaid electricity
Financial Management
  • Controlling and budgeting housing utilities through recovery plans on the system
  • User control over spending and budgeting on utilities with user logins
  • Configuration for payroll packages for utility provisions that are deducted directly from payroll
  • Various reporting and exporting files functionality for accounting and payroll software integration

Our Housing environment solutions are developed based on our customers demands and experience over many years. We are confident that you will find some of our metering solutions are exactly what you need. Tell us what your utility housing goals are, and let us see if there is anything we can do to help you achieve these goals. Want to learn how to get a prepaid meter for housing managers as well as meter installation? Give us a call

Housing Managers favourites and why they chose us

From our customers feedback these are some key reasons Housing Managers chose us:

Management of different geographical locations with dedicated delegates to manage housing in South Africa.

Configuration of utility packages and application to different groups of meters
Site maintenance and technical assistance
Assistance with process and governance compliance
User technical support 7 days a week including during hours when housing department is closed
integration to payroll and employee detailed profile on system
Dedicated key account management
Training and knowledge transfer to maintain standards