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Are you a Property Owner or Investor?

Though building a property investment portfolio may not be all that challenging, the ownership of property for individual investors is a long term commitment that carries vital decisions throughout the ownership life cycle.

Our founders started Prepaid Meters from the experience of a landlord with utility control problems. This is why we understand the requirements of property investors and landlords. That is where we originally started and still to date provide maximum value.


Key Features Investors & Landlords Enjoy

Specially developed features specifically for landlords and investors
that thousands of customers, like you, enjoy

  • Freedom to manage properties that are geographically dispersed in various distant locations
  • Control and security over the receipt of prepayment funds
  • Real-time data to see what is transactions and purchasing patterns from remote
  • Ability to manage meters from remote or overseas

Our prepaid utility metering solution gives the landlord and property investor control over their utilities with minimal involvement in the process and frees time to do more important tasks, while increasing utility cash flow and reducing risks of any utility debt. Tell us what are your current challenges to see how we can assist you and learn more about our tailored solutions for landlords and property investors. Want to learn how to get prepaid meters for landlords? Give us a call

Property Owners & Investors favourites and why they chose us

From our customers feedback these are some key reasons our landlord and property investors chose us:

Freedom to control the metering solution from remote and in various locations.
Full transparency in our platform, statements and payments.
Saving landlords and property investors time by explaining to tenants tariffs, charges and giving them assistance in all aspects of the prepaid metering.
Assisting tenants in purchasing and use of the system to save landlord time in support.
Assisting in setting correct tariffs and collections of electricity and water postpaid charges
Assisting landlords with rehabilitation and collection of arrears
Maintenance plans and callout to tenants when faults occur that save the landlord much needed funds
The consistency of payments and knowing the funds are accurately paid, safe and secure.